Browse all the LGBTQ films at the Main Library!

Have you heard of LETTERBOXD? It’s a site that lets you make and follow lists of films…

Our awesome librarian friend at the Main Library in Oakland has made lists for all the LGBTQ films currently available. This is a mix of what previously was in the collection, plus all the titles we added via donation.


LGBTQ Films (Foreign)

LGBTQ feature films not in English are shelved in the foreign language section by language.


Start browsing today and rent one the next time you go to the library!


Twin Peaks Party – GIVEAWAY

ANNOUNCING… 2nd Annual Twin Peaks Party at The Hollywood Theater in Dormont!

Saturday March 21 Doors at 7pm Music starts at 8pm


We’ve got 2 tickets to give away! ($24 value)

Here’s what you gotta do:
-Write a paragraph that answers the question “Is Twin Peaks Queer? If yes, why not? If no, why not?”
-Email by Sunday March 8th at 11:59pm
-The most convincing/awesome response gets the tickets
-All responses are posted on our website (so be sure to include how you’d like to be referred to)
-Winner will be announced by Friday March 13th!

More info about the event!

It’s time again that we revisit that town where everyone knows everyone and nothing is what it seems – Twin Peaks! It’s our now annual Twin Peaks Party featuring the music of Silencio, the interntionally renowned group whose sound is inspired by the works of David Lynch & Angelo Badalamenti.

The evening will feature the music of Silencio and dream/nightmare-like Lynchian projections on our big screen, pie and damn good coffee, best Lynch-inspired costume prizes, our log lady, and much more!

So get your tickets now – just $10 in advance, or $12 at the door. And remember, the owls are not what they seem.

Doors open at 7pm, and music will start at 8pm.

Facebook event:

Guest Film Review: Gaming in Color

‘Gaming in Color’ review By Amanda Waltz of Steel Cinema

Gaming has made headlines recently, and not for the best reasons. Between Gamergate’s well-documented terrorism and the evident misogyny and racism within the industry, it seems as though the culture will remain forever toxic. But now comes Gaming in Color, a documentary that examines how the tides are turning toward more positive change.


Out of the closet and into the arcade! Gaming In Color is a full length documentary of the queer gaming community. On May 19, 2015, Gaming In Color will launch on iTunes, Amazon, PlayStation, Xbox, and Vudu with more major platforms to come.

The debut from filmmaker Philip Jones looks at the rise of the queer gaming, or “gaymer,” community and the emergence of LGBTQ themes in both big name and independent video games. Using statistics and commentary from LGBTQ game designers, journalists, and organizers, the film explores issues such as the stigma connected with being both a nerd and LGBTQ (“I came out as a gamer first,” explains one interviewee) and the continuing disregard for LGBTQ people by an industry that caters mostly to young hetero males. Even as companies release best-selling titles that feature gay or gay-optional characters, including Mass Effect, The Last of Us, and Fable 2, there’s still lack of diversity in a market where the vast majority of game protagonists are macho guy types.

Primarily, the commentary reveals how a pastime that once provided solace has become a hostile place where many enthusiasts are forced to battle bullying and ignorance. “Sometimes I just wanna game,” says gay Riot Game engineer, George Skleres, with genuine exasperation. “I don’t want to fight the fight.” His sentiment echoes the frustration of not just LGBTQ gamers, but all groups who experience some form of intolerance in the gaming world.

That’s where people like Matt Conn come in. With a PlayStation controller hanging medallion-style from a chain around his neck, Conn explains how GaymerX, a crowd-funded convention that started in 2013, was created as a safe space for all gamers and as a platform to promote LGBTQ awareness. Here the film comes dangerously close to becoming an advertisement for the convention (it should be mentioned that Jones works as a GaymerX organizer), but it’s hard to take issue with footage portraying a utopia full of adorable cosplayers and smiling RPGers.  Also present are Joey Stern of Geeks OUT and Shane Cherry of NYC Gaymers, two organizations that, like GaymerX, demonstrate that fostering the gaymer community is not only helpful, but necessary.

Heavy on commentary and light on style, Gaming in Color is a straight-forward documentary that, at just 62 minutes, lacks the time needed to fully delve into its many topics. The minimalist soundtrack and basic graphics also feel lackluster in a film whose subject matter demands a more colorful, pixelated punch. However, that doesn’t diminish its role as an affirming, enlightening celebration of people who just want to play nice in a world full of hate.


Amanda Waltz is a Pittsburgh-based multimedia journalist and film critic. She has written for The Pittsburgh City Paper, the Syracuse Post-Standard, and the Charleston Post & Courier, and also produced radio news content for the NPR member station WAER 88.3. Currently, she writes for the The Film Stage and covers Pittsburgh film events through her blog Steel Cinema. She also serves as the Innovation Editor for Pop City. Follow Amanda at @SteelCinemaPGH.

Want to win free tickets to SHE SAID BOOM on October 3rd?

Listen up!  If you want to win (2) free tickets to the screening of SHE SAID BOOM on October 3rd, this is what you gotta do…


First!  Check out more information about the screening and make sure you can go.  Why not check out all the rad events going on during VIA Pittsburgh this year!  Looks cool huh?  Especially Zebra KatzJD SamsonCakes da Killa, and Pittsburgh’s own True T presenting an exclusive VOGUE PITTSBURGH Battle Zone. 

Second!  Rent a queer movie from the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh’s Main (Oakland) branch OR the Big Idea Bookstore in Bloomfield.

Third!  Write a review of the movie you just saw and send it to by Sunday September 21 at 11:59PM.

Fourth!  Sit back and wait to see if you are the lucky winner of 2 tickets to see SHE SAID BOOM.  Invite your friends to the Facebook event

Fine print:

  • The top three reviews will be published on our blog.  QVV may edit content for clarity and grammar.
  • Submit your first name & last initial or pseudonym with your review.
  • Impress us!  Winner will be chosen based on how awesome the review is.
  • No late submissions accepted.
  • Winners announced Monday September 22 by 7:00pm.

Questions? Email

SHE SAID BOOM: The Story of Fifth Column with VIA Pittsburgh

Queer Video Vault is proud to present SHE SAID BOOM, a documentary about the groundbreaking queer feminist art band Fifth Column, who were at the centre of the influential Queercore scene in the 1980-90s.

This screening is in partnership with Row House Cinema and VIA Festival Pittsburgh.

Friday October 3, 2014
Row House Cinema
4115 Butler St. Pittsburgh 15201
$8 in advance / $10 door
all ages

Facebook event page.

She Said Boom: The Story of Fifth Column Trailer from Kevin Hegge / Mixed Blood Media on Vimeo.